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jacutinga sentence in Hindi

"jacutinga" meaning in Hindi
  • At the dawn of the seventeenth century, the Holy mill Antonio Jacutinga was dismembered, appearing then the maxambomba mill ( Nova Igua�u ) and the ingenuity of Poce ( Tenure ).
  • They began to settle on the banks of major rivers in the region, especially the rivers Igua�u, Meriti, Saratoga, Saracuruna, Jaguar? Pilar, Marapicu, Jacutinga, Mantiqueira and Inhomirim.
  • The building, erected with mud, was crucial for Belchior Azeredo conquer the lands of the Jacutinga Indians in the form of land grants by Governor Crist�v�o de Barros, baptizing them as " Engenho Santo Ant�nio da Aldeia dos Jacutingas ".
  • Also in 1575, the Captain General Belchior Azeredo built a chapel in honor of St . Anthony, at the foot of a hill 750 meters from the greater curve of the Santo Ant�nio River, now River Saratoga, on the land of Jacutinga.
  • It is a large bird, some 63 74 cm in length, and similar in general appearance to a slim turkey with thin neck and small head . " Pipile jacutinga " is mainly black with a bluish gloss; it has a conspicuous white wing patch bearing 3 neat rows of tiny black dots.
  • In South America, the form " cumanensis " has a greenish gloss to the plumage, a white face and crest, and a blue wattle, " cujubi " has a blue face and a red wattle, and " jacutinga " has a black face and a red wattle ."
  • Here we guard a small area of the Atlantic forest of the Paran?River, with species such as palm ( Euterpe edulis ), Kuri'u ( araucaria angustifolia ), fern tree, Jacu?APETI ( bored jacutinga ), the woodpecker ( Dryocopus galeatus ), among others, which are endangered and some emerging water and waterfalls.

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