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jaina sentence in Hindi

"jaina" meaning in Hindijaina in a sentence
  • This is said to be the essence of the Jaina scripture.
  • Jaina and Zekk work as a team to track down smugglers.
  • The Jaina canonical literature does not mention the cult of Ganesha.
  • Ship then goes into hyperspace while Jaina is saved by Lando.
  • Jaina withdraws, however, due to her own injuries.
  • Jaina slaps him for this and vows to never help him again.
  • He also translated Dvaitin, Virasaiva, and Jaina writings from Sanskrit.
  • The portrait modeling recalls that of certain Jaina ceramic statuettes.
  • According to the Swetambara Jaina work, cradinakara of Vardhamnaskri ( c.
  • Leia, Jaina, and Radd engage Wan and render her unconscious.
  • All the inscriptions mention gifts for worship and repair to Jaina temples.
  • However, many of them refer to a Jaina temple at Halasi.
  • The main market of this neighbourhood are Jaina Place and KDA market.
  • Lowie and Jaina immediately begin work on the airspeeder.
  • Jacen, Jaina, and Lowbacca go after her.
  • The Jaina connection to nature is conducive to ecospirituality.
  • The story ends with Jaina feeling bitter over the failure of the mission.
  • There is also a Jaina temple on the precincts of the Madhugiri fort.
  • One of their own, a Anakin and the twins Jacen and Jaina.
  • Ramanamudalipudur is one of the eight sacred Jaina hills.
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