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English-Hindi > jotting

jotting meaning in Hindi

noun plural: jottings   
jotting sentence in Hindi
1.He'd begin with jottings and drawings, faces first.

2.He said Selena had a habit of impulsively jotting down lyrics.

3.Among her jottings : " Is this of the Lord?

4.Jotting down questions for the first Tiger Woods news conference:

5.Buck could not help jotting down a few words the night before.

6.Opposing counsels are provided white quill pens for jotting notes.

7.He has been jotting notes on small yellow legal pads.

8.PORTABLE SOLUTIONS : Digital Pen Recalls Your On-the-Run Jottings

9.Now the phone is jangling and Finch is jotting figures.

10.Groening follows the script carefully, jotting down notes for the writers.

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a brief (and hurriedly handwritten) note
Synonyms: jot,

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