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English-Hindi > karaoke

karaoke meaning in Hindi

karaoke sentence in Hindi
1.Mayor Jordan to invest city pension fund in karaoke bathhouse venture.

2.The next horrific step after karaoke is making your own music.

3.What is next in the realm of high-tech karaoke?

4.It's midnight in a smoky Karaoke bar in Copenhagen.

5.Even The Edge's karaoke segment had a new flexibility.

6.Okamoto added a karaoke room and hired three chefs from Japan.

7.It's about killing " karaoke kooties ."

8.-- Go to a karaoke bar and sing silly songs.

9.I always like to have a karaoke machine in my trailer.

10.Although in my case we're talking about karaoke performance.

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singing popular songs accompanied by a recording of an orchestra (usually in bars or nightclubs)

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