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kawamata sentence in Hindi

"kawamata" meaning in Hindi  
  • Kawamata is known for its production of silk and silk products.
  • Students from these two schools were moved into Kawamata Elementary School.
  • Originally, various districts of Kawamata had their own junior high schools.
  • It features special appearances of other manga artists such as Chiaki Kawamata.
  • Residents of Kawamata, including the mayor, have also visited Cosqu�n.
  • There are four designated mountains in Kawamata : Mt.
  • Kawamata, a former special forces, who becomes a mercenary for hire.
  • He was a disciple of the school's founder, Kawamata Tsuneyuki.
  • Takashi Kawamata is a well known Japanese cinematographer.
  • Kawamata is a psychotic soldier who fell in with the Russian Special Operation Forces.
  • Fujio Kobayashi and Akira Kawamata shot 71s.
  • Overnight leader Akira Kawamata struggled to a 76 and was alone in fifth at 217.
  • The Argentinian ambassador to Japan and the mayor of Cosqu�n have paid visits to Kawamata.
  • One of his students was Kawamata Tsunemasa.
  • In 1974, all except Yamakiya Junior High School were merged into Kawamata Junior High School.
  • Kawamata heard of the monster and was excited to finally test his newly upgraded combat suit.
  • The creature starts attacking an amusement park and Kawamata is quickly dispatched to intercept the monster.
  • It was at this time that Kawamata became the guinea pig for this secret scientific research organization.
  • Kawamata quoted Clement as saying a man in Bombay had asked him to carry the bag to Japan.
  • Pinch-hitter Yonetoshi Kawamata hit a two-run double in the six-run sixth inning.
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