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kayser sentence in Hindi

"kayser" meaning in Hindi  
  • Snyman outweighs Kayser by almost 20 kilograms ( 44 pounds ).
  • The company's president, Howard Boyd, replaced Kayser.
  • Some confusion exists between Fleischer rings and Kayser-Fleischer rings.
  • Kayser-Fleischer rings are named after him and Bruno Fleischer.
  • This peak was named after German geologist and paleontologist Emanuel Kayser.
  • Chemerinsky and Kayser said elected councils would have more credibility.
  • _Larry Kayser, Forest Hills, N . Y.
  • Kayser told The Business Journal, a Portland weekly in an interview.
  • Justin Swart, Stefan Terblanche and Deon Kayser each took a try.
  • The bronze figures were recast at the Kayser Art Foundry in D�sseldorf.
  • Weber, Jan, Anke Kayser, and Ursula Rinas.
  • Kayser signed for Castres Olympique for the 2010 11 Top 14 season.
  • H . G . Kayser took over as the Director in 1950.
  • Kayser debuted 1941 as pianist in Copenhagen and as conductor in Gothenburg.
  • In 1975 Kayser-Roth was purchased by conglomerate Gulf + Western.
  • He was the son of Mr . and Mrs . Theodore Kayser.
  • Bie was succeeded by Rudolf Kayser and in 1932 by Peter Suhrkamp.
  • TSA official Darrin Kayser said the agency would investigate.
  • In 1960, Hammacher Schlemmer was sold to the Kayser-Roth Corporation.
  • The Spanish force included the " Kayser"
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