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English-Hindi > kbytes

kbytes meaning in Hindi

kbytes sentence in Hindi
1.For example the following gives 243, 000 hits and 17 Kbytes:

2.The two banks allowed DAC to have an entire 32 kbytes to itself.

3.Some individal documents are more than 500 KBytes.

4.The other 16 kbytes held the batch monitor and an interrupt controller that drove it.

5.Memory size increments for all SDS / XDS / Xerox computers are stated in kWords, not kBytes.

6.IRC main machines were originally GEC 4082 equipped with 384 Kbytes HDD and 100 ports for 1500 initial users.

7.I write a couple paragraphs, and I come back 14 hours later to see several Kbytes of arguing.

8.Its central processing unit ( CPU ) is an 80C85 with a 2 MHz clock, addressing 64 Kbytes of memory.

9.:100 kbytes mean 6 or 7 seconds for the average mp3 sound ( 128kbit ), and . ogg should be similar.

10.Thing is, the output is approx . 20 KBytes, and you really need all of it to get a proper picture.

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