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English-Hindi > kazakhstani

kazakhstani meaning in Hindi

kazakhstani sentence in Hindi
• कज़ाक
1.Kazakhstani people originated from a very warrior tribe, the Kipchaki.

2.The name is an abbreviation for " Kazakhstani Telecommunications Company ".

3.The Soviet and Kazakhstani ice hockey player Boris Alexandrov in 2010.

4.Dallman became a Kazakhstani citizen in 2010 and joined the national team.

5.Kharpaty retired in 1998 to become a Kazakhstani national coach.

6.In May of the same year Kazhgaleyev won the Kazakhstani Chess Championship.

7.Is it Russian territory or Kazakhstani territory controlled by Russia.

8.It also means that routes might not suit modern-day Kazakhstani needs.

9.Avalon Historico-Geographical Society is a noncommercial non-governmental Kazakhstani organization.

10.In June 2014, Marc�o joined AFC Kairat in the Kazakhstani Futsal Championship.

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