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English-Hindi > kc

kc meaning in Hindi

kc sentence in Hindi
1.Surviving KC-135 left the actors with an unmistakable cockiness.

2.But how much do you really know about KC'cue?

3.KC Spurlock qualified second with Cruz Pedregon of Camarillo qualifying third.

4.Looking back on his KC days, Griffin has no regrets.

5.His signing meant the end of Washington's KC career.

6.The Arizona Guard has six KC-135s based at Incirlik.

7.The error helped KC close the gap to 4-3.

8.Lose in KC, head to Sugar Bowl to meet Florida.

9."KC just couldn't do that,"

10.KC's Kauffman Foundation revises bylaws to strengthen local ties.

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one thousand periods per second
Synonyms: kilohertz, kHz, kilocycle per second, kilocycle,

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