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kedge anchor sentence in Hindi

"kedge anchor" meaning in Hindi  
  • Macdonough hauled in further on his kedge anchors to bring his broadside to bear on HMS " Linnet ".
  • Macdonough ordered the bow anchor cut, and hauled in the kedge anchors he had laid out earlier to spin " Saratoga " around.
  • As Master Commandant MacDonough awaited the arrival of the enemy, he dropped kedge anchors and arranged spring lines, which afforded his ships maximum maneuverability.
  • Gale passed the test, and Wilkes presented papers to the crew along with a compass, kedge anchor, log line, two log glasses, and an American flag.
  • At this critical moment, Macdonough ordered the bow anchor cut, and he hauled in the kedge anchors he had laid out earlier to spin " Saratoga " around.
  • After initial attempts to get the ship off the rock failed, her crew began off-loading supplies and set kedge anchors to stabilize the cruiser and prevent further damage to her bottom.
  • The lifeboat, which had hung about all the time, also to a kedge anchor some hundred yards from the ship, kept a cable drawn taut to keep the ship steady when the tide rose.
  • Macdonough simply hauled in further on his kedge anchors to bring his broadside to bear on the " Linnet ", which also could only surrender, after being pummeled almost to the point of sinking.
  • He had rigged a kedge anchor to " Hawk " s bowsprit so as he came up along " Pigot " he was able to tear open the anti-boarding nets she had rigged.
  • One of the crucial uses for such a vessel was that of'kedging'where a kedge anchor would be rowed ahead, dropped and for the ship to be then drawn-or warped-ahead by winding the capstan.
  • Macdonough then dropped a stern anchor; cut his bow cable; and, with the help of tars hauling on lines to kedge anchors, swung the ship around bringing her fresh, port, broadside guns to bear on the enemy.
  • In yachts, a kedge anchor is an anchor carried in addition to the main, or bower anchors, and usually stowed aft . Every yacht should carry at least two anchors  the main or " bower " anchor and a second lighter " kedge " anchor.
  • Finding himself becalmed, Hull acted on a suggestion given by Charles Morris, ordering the crew to put boats over the side to tow the ship out of range, using kedge anchors to draw the ship forward, and wetting the sails down to take advantage of every breath of wind.
  • A " "'stream anchor " "', which is usually heavier than a " kedge anchor ", can be used for kedging or warping in addition to temporary mooring and restraining stern movement in tidal conditions or in waters where vessel movement needs to be restricted, such as rivers and channels.
  • Heading out of the Gulf and down the Egyptian coast a particular danger spot was Zabargad Island ( also known as St John's or Emerald Island because of ancient peridot mines ); Palinurus was caught in a fearsome gale and only avoided being driven on to the rocks by hooking a kedge anchor on to a hole in the reef . " " An uncomfortable night was spent by all . ""

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