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kedar sentence in Hindi

"kedar" meaning in Hindi  
  • Dr . Kedar sees this and understands about Gita and Mohan.
  • Music for the film is composed by Kedar Upadhyay Bhargav Purohit.
  • Kedar acknowledged that a decision in favor of Kaadan would be unpopular.
  • Kedar Subedi, an official of the center told The Associated Press.
  • Dror Adani served his prison term in the Beersheba prison Ohale Kedar.
  • Kedar is an academic expert on the Israeli Arab population.
  • Kedar Shinde knew no other actors on the sets except for Sharman.
  • Glass formed relationships with independent record labels as Kedar Entertainment and Mojo Records.
  • He also learned African music from musicologist Kedar Avati.
  • Princess Swarnamoyee was the daughter of Kedar Roy, a king of Bikrampur.
  • Dr . Kedar visits Gita as they have planned to see a film together.
  • Kedar is also a straight-A student and has received awards for his essays.
  • Kedarnath is named in the honour of King Kedar, who ruled in Satya Yuga.
  • This serial was directed by Kedar Shinde.
  • He also asked Lord Subramanya to appear before Kedar and bless him with a child.
  • Rampriti, after returning narrates the incident to Kedar, another resident of the Boarding.
  • Kedar happily points out Mohan to Gita.
  • Massenburg founded Kedar Beverages LLC in 2005, which makes chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.
  • The movie also stars Sharman Joshi who is a friend of the director, Kedar Shinde.
  • His first film as a music director was " Kedar Gouri " in 1954.
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