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kebab sentence in Hindi

"kebab" meaning in Hindikebab in a sentence
  • Grill lamb kebabs on all sides, until they are browned.
  • Good with tiny kebabs, chicken wings, shrimp and lamb chops
  • So twisting tradition is a tradition when it comes to kebabs.
  • Chello kebab is a dish for both gourmet and novice cook.
  • Serve kebabs at once, passing dipping sauce on the side.
  • Over medium heat, place kebabs on grill rack over heat.
  • "Eat kebab and salad, " she instructed.
  • Spoon salad over pita bread; place chicken kebabs on top.
  • His brother, Mahmood, concentrates on rice palaw and kebabs.
  • Grilling the kebabs this way keeps the meat above the grate.
  • "Menu Kebab " ( Big Cheese ) _ Various
  • Not the Muslim men trading gossip over tea and mutton kebabs.
  • Albattikhi allegedly boasted that he had sold her remains in kebabs.
  • Prominent among the meat preparations are grilled meats, or kebabs.
  • They are also often used in kebabs along with various meats.
  • It is eaten off a stick, much like a kebab.
  • This is a list of kebab variants from around the world.
  • Tregenna characterised the monster as resembling " a giant kebab ".
  • One of the most famous Central Asian foods is the kebab.
  • Waj is cornered by police and takes a kebab shop hostage.
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