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kc sentence in Hindi

"kc" meaning in Hindi  
  • Surviving KC-135 left the actors with an unmistakable cockiness.
  • But how much do you really know about KC'cue?
  • KC Spurlock qualified second with Cruz Pedregon of Camarillo qualifying third.
  • Looking back on his KC days, Griffin has no regrets.
  • His signing meant the end of Washington's KC career.
  • The Arizona Guard has six KC-135s based at Incirlik.
  • The error helped KC close the gap to 4-3.
  • Lose in KC, head to Sugar Bowl to meet Florida.
  • "KC just couldn't do that,"
  • KC's Kauffman Foundation revises bylaws to strengthen local ties.
  • However, he may add the initials KC after his name.
  • Vassilis Xanthis netted the third goal in the 65th minute . kc
  • Having the playoffs in KC is a distinct advantage for them.
  • It was Juskowiak's 11th goal of the season . kc
  • Pandelis Tzoulis netted Panionios'goal in the 41st minute . kc
  • Vassilis Karapialis netted the 2nd goal in the 85th minute . kc
  • All of them have been in the first division before . kc
  • He closed the scoring with a shot three minutes later . kc
  • Costas Malekos narrowed the gap for Panathinaikos in the 88th . kc
  • The federal office refused to comment . ( kc-pfg)
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