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labored sentence in Hindi

"labored" meaning in Hindi
  • If ever a town labored for integration, it is Montclair.
  • The dialogue is labored, however, and the emotions overwrought.
  • Hollings has labored mightily for legislation intended to improve American competitiveness.
  • It should be relaxed; watch for shallow or labored breathing.
  • I labored to compose a list of erudite questions in Italian.
  • Few athletes labored in more hard, systematic work than Mennea.
  • CBS'morning shows have labored under an unbreakable ratings curse.
  • In reality, the birth of artificial intelligence has been labored.
  • But administrators also labored to restore the library's grandeur.
  • He was taking 16 labored breaths a minute on his own.
  • He labored over everything _ but then made it look spontaneous.
  • ITT rejected the offer and has labored to shoo Hilton away.
  • Smith lumbered and he labored and he struggled and he staggered.
  • For years, environmentalists have labored to push back the fields.
  • Not to suggest Janoff and Wolfe have labored in total obscurity.
  • Kane labored to improve his drawing, practicing human forms daily.
  • They have demanded education for children who previously labored in factories.
  • Sam, his breathing labored, caused a stir during registration.
  • There's where I labored so hard for old massa,
  • For four years, Cytyc has labored to overcome the objections.
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