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English-Hindi > labored

labored meaning in Hindi

labored sentence in Hindi
1.If ever a town labored for integration, it is Montclair.

2.The dialogue is labored, however, and the emotions overwrought.

3.Hollings has labored mightily for legislation intended to improve American competitiveness.

4.It should be relaxed; watch for shallow or labored breathing.

5.I labored to compose a list of erudite questions in Italian.

6.Few athletes labored in more hard, systematic work than Mennea.

7.CBS'morning shows have labored under an unbreakable ratings curse.

8.In reality, the birth of artificial intelligence has been labored.

9.But administrators also labored to restore the library's grandeur.

10.He was taking 16 labored breaths a minute on his own.

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requiring or showing effort; "heavy breathing"; "the subject made for labored reading"
Synonyms: heavy, laboured,

lacking natural ease; "a labored style of debating"
Synonyms: laboured, strained,

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