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laboring sentence in Hindi

"laboring" meaning in Hindilaboring in a sentence
  • He takes casual day laboring jobs when he can get them.
  • The women of the West are laboring under a double burden.
  • Still, the senator quietly seemed to be laboring for attentiveness.
  • They strode purposefully to fields where they thought he was laboring.
  • And we knew that he was just laboring a little bit.
  • The writers behind the summer films are laboring not to disappoint.
  • Russia is laboring heroically to raise the remains of the Kursk.
  • Gore stayed out of sight, laboring over his concession speech.
  • But the SC Freiburg defender is laboring under a thigh strain.
  • The country is also laboring through its fourth year of recession.
  • France Telecom is laboring under some dlrs 60 billion in debt.
  • Theoretically, Shudras have constituted the hereditary laboring class serving others.
  • He was laboring, throwing nothing but bloopers and junk ."
  • The skilled laboring in the state is what creates their manufacturing.
  • She never was in trouble despite laboring in 90-degree heat.
  • You know, you spend all this time laboring over the lyrics.
  • Arthur Rhodes is actually laboring to protect a five-run lead.
  • There is no debate that Baerga was laboring through a difficult season.
  • He's laboring a little bit when he runs ."
  • But Grange is still laboring under a singular problem : his image.
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