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English-Hindi > laboring

laboring meaning in Hindi

laboring sentence in Hindi
1.He takes casual day laboring jobs when he can get them.

2.The women of the West are laboring under a double burden.

3.Still, the senator quietly seemed to be laboring for attentiveness.

4.They strode purposefully to fields where they thought he was laboring.

5.And we knew that he was just laboring a little bit.

6.The writers behind the summer films are laboring not to disappoint.

7.Russia is laboring heroically to raise the remains of the Kursk.

8.Gore stayed out of sight, laboring over his concession speech.

9.But the SC Freiburg defender is laboring under a thigh strain.

10.The country is also laboring through its fourth year of recession.

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doing arduous or unpleasant work; "drudging peasants"; "the bent backs of laboring slaves picking cotton"; "toiling coal miners in the black deeps"
Synonyms: drudging, labouring, toiling,

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