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English-Hindi > laboulbeniales

laboulbeniales meaning in Hindi

laboulbeniales sentence in Hindi
1.Laboulbeniales form individual thalli, and lack vegetative hyphae.

2.In the field of mycology, he held a special interest in the fungal order Laboulbeniales.

3.The Ascomycota is characterized by a high degree of specialization; for instance, certain species of Laboulbeniales attack only one particular leg of one particular insect species.

4.In 1891, Thaxter accepted the call and returned to Harvard, where he combined his interest in Entomology and Mycology to work on insect parasitic fungi in the order Laboulbeniales.

5.Neither are insect pathogens that stun and colonize insects normally labelled carnivorous if the fungal thallus is mainly in the insect as does " Cordyceps ", or if it clings to the insect like the Laboulbeniales.

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