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English-Hindi > laburnum

laburnum meaning in Hindi

laburnum sentence in Hindi
1.The arch has a display of yellow laburnum flowers in May.

2.1966 : VA 197 labeled on Westwood Avenue and Laburnum Avenue.

3.He later resided at 15 Laburnum Gardens, Low Fell.

4.During January 2007, the line was closed between Box Hill and Laburnum.

5.:The toxin in Laburnum trees in called Cytisine.

6.Laburnum Avenue continues west into the city of Richmond.

7.The laburnum also serves as an important benchmark.

8.Members include the pea, the sweet pea, the laburnum, and other legumes.

9.Peak hour express trains are supplemented by Alamein line services stopping all stations between Laburnum.

10.The ground connects Tejpal Road and Laburnum Road, Alexandra Road and August Kranti Road.

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