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English-Hindi > landed

landed meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'lændid ]  sound:  
landed sentence in Hindi
1.Within the first 15 minutes an 80-pounder was landed.

2.He's the kid brother who landed the better genes.

3.Bailey auditioned for and landed the trumpeting job three years ago.

4.We landed in the countryside about 15 miles south of Langres.

5.Hewett parachuted and landed in a field where Germans captured him.

6.His beginnings have a lot to do with where he landed.

7.The foreigners have landed and deployed their weapons in the country.

8.Mack's big ling cod was the only one landed.

9.The landed and landless have lived in uneasy peace for decades.

10.Another bomb landed Thursday afternoon 500 yards from the presidential palace.

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owning or consisting of land or real estate; "the landed gentry"; "landed property"

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