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legions sentence in Hindi

"legions" meaning in Hindilegions in a sentence
  • Culin is awarded the Legion of Merit for creating the Rhino.
  • It also can determine whether the legion is benign or malignant.
  • It's about the new legions of upscale cigar smokers.
  • The veterans groups, notably the American Legion, fired first.
  • They are legion and legendary-- and also his legacy.
  • The success of a few has inspired a legion of imitators.
  • The reasons why young people don't invest are legion.
  • Redman was clearly activating a legion of desires in his audience.
  • Attendance to the Foreign Legion Symphony was compulsory for resident units.
  • We had the Legion of Decency when I was a kid,
  • Grossman's achievements at New England Medical Center are legion.
  • The Army awarded Bates the Legion of Merit for his efforts.
  • Now comes the Legion, as it's known here.
  • Does the new Legion transform the art scene in San Francisco?
  • She was subsequently made a chevalier of the Legion of Honor.
  • Legions of these investors have flocked to mutual funds only recently.
  • There's the Legion of Merit with two gold stars.
  • And that's why the Legion endorsed the Missouri mule.
  • Instead, the proceeds go to a local American Legion post.
  • It requires legions of skilled technicians, and competition is formidable.
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