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legislates sentence in Hindi

"legislates" meaning in Hindilegislates in a sentence
  • Indeed, after 10 days, serious legislating is just beginning.
  • However, he said Congress should eventually legislate when life begins.
  • You cannot really legislate on-line propositions out of existence.
  • You cannot legislate the ability to drive in a free country.
  • It is beyond comprehension that this cannot be legislated by Congress,
  • Some Congressional conservatives have wisely cautioned against careless and hasty legislating.
  • If baseball ever legislates faster games, it could target Nomo.
  • Legislate that he or she eat one less pizza a week.
  • "I cannot legislate respect, " he said.
  • "You can't legislate this stuff,"
  • What is more Big Government than legislating effort in athletic competition?
  • I don't know how you legislate judgment ."
  • What we shouldn't do is legislate it,"
  • They also become exclusionary activities, legislating to eliminate potential challengers.
  • The Republicans seem hell-bent to investigate rather than legislate.
  • "You can't improve service by legislating it.
  • The last Congress focused almost entirely on investigating instead of legislating.
  • The ultimate judge of a senator is his ability to legislate.
  • The vice president believes legislated quotas on steel imports are unnecessary.
  • "That's the essence of legislating ."
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