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lexicographically sentence in Hindi

"lexicographically" meaning in Hindi
  • Consider a language ( such as English ) in which the lexicographically.
  • Lexicographically, salacious represents the Clinton scandal's point of furthest semantic advance.
  • Starting with the first node, it maintains OPEN, ordered lexicographically by f and depth.
  • The second phase then finds the lexicographically minimal rotation start index from the indices which remain.
  • Ido was specifically designed to be lexicographically regular, and above all easy to learn and use.
  • Note that H [ 1 ] = \ bot, since there is no lexicographically smaller suffix.
  • As described in Nielsen 1994, the coverage of dictionaries may be divided into three lexicographically relevant types.
  • The Booth algorithm uses a modified version of the KMP preprocessing function to find the lexicographically minimal string rotation.
  • The text ends with the special sentinel letter $ that is unique and lexicographically smaller than any other character.
  • Another problem which is "'CC "'- complete is lexicographically-first maximal matching.
  • Thus lexicographically armed, he calls my characterization of his client " insulting, baseless and defamatory ."
  • Plain evaluation of the circuit is done by evaluating each gate in turn; assuming the gates have been lexicographically ordered.
  • The most compact form of a pitch class set is the lexicographically maximal sequence within the corresponding equivalence class of sequences.
  • One may pick two elements and reorder the bits so they are the first two, and imagine the numbers sorted lexicographically.
  • The first phase is a quick sieve which rules out indices that are obviously not starting locations for the lexicographically minimal rotation.
  • The Guinness Book of Records says the largest lexicographically accepted named number in the system of successive powers of 10 is a centillion.
  • The lexicographically ordered weights W _ 1 to W _ { NM } are the degrees of freedom to be solved in the STAP problem.
  • The lexicographically-first maximal matching is obtained by successively matching vertices from the first bipartition to the minimal available vertices from the second bipartition.
  • Entries in " Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage " are lexicographically sophisticated and have accurate translation equivalents.
  • LSD radix sorts typically use the following sorting order : short keys come before longer keys, and keys of the same length are sorted lexicographically.
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