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English-Hindi > lode

lode meaning in Hindi

lode sentence in Hindi
1.It is something of a mother lode where cyberporn is concerned.

2.Still, bloodlines played a role in Lode's inception.

3.But I think he got the mother lode of the talent.

4.But for weather fanatics, the sites are the mother lode.

5.An ore prospector might think he was nearing the mother lode.

6.Back then, Carrara was the undisputed mother lode of masterpieces.

7.They may be just mining the mother lode of free publicity.

8.She and husband Dan Lodes brought Mary to Rockhurst last weekend.

9.Brice Blanc will ride Lazy Lode for the first time Saturday.

10.It required eight and a half years to reach the Lode.

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a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks
Synonyms: load,

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