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English-Hindi > lodestar

lodestar meaning in Hindi

lodestar sentence in Hindi
1.Such evidence is the lodestar of the interpretation of the trust.

2.The new system will replace ground-based radar with satellite lodestars.

3.But investors and the news media still treat it like a lodestar.

4.His lodestar, like Clinton's, is the middle class.

5.Kilwa and Unguja ( Zanzibar ) were the Yao lodestars.

6.Yes, American foreign policy should to be guided by certain lodestar principles.

7.That should be the lodestar of American and U . N . policy.

8.I think it is important that you have a lodestar here of democracy.

9.Flights continued onwards to Lockheed Lodestar on its services to Kaikohe and Kaitaia.

10.But it is Truman, not Roosevelt, whom Clinton uses as his lodestar.

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something that serves as a model or guide
Synonyms: loadstar,

guiding star; a star that is used as a reference point in navigation or astronomy
Synonyms: loadstar,

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