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English-Hindi > luridus

luridus meaning in Hindi

luridus sentence in Hindi
1.Like many other assassin bugs, Zelus luridus preys on other insects.

2.There are currently six species in this genus including the type species Chironomus luridus entomopoxvirus.

3.It is the predominant carotenoid in the cap of the bolete mushroom " Boletus luridus ".

4.It is closely related to, and was previously considered a form of, " Suillellus luridus ".

5.""'Callionymus luridus " "'is a species of dragonet found on the Macclesfield Bank in the South China Sea.

6.It was first reported as form of " Boletus luridus " in 1934 by John Burton Cleland, before being described by Cheryl Grgurinovic in 1997.

7.It was first described as a variety of " Boletus luridus " in 1947 by Rolf Singer, then as an independent species by Singer in 1966.

8.""'Scorpiops luridus " "'is a species of scorpion in the Euscorpiidae family, first found in Tibet and Yunnan, China.

9.Large pale specimens resemble " Suillellus luridus ", and the cap of " Rubroboletus satanas " is a similar colour but this species has red pores.

10.Several guidebooks recommend avoiding all red-pored boletes, but both " B . erythropus " and " Suillellus luridus " are edible when well-cooked.

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