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English-Hindi > luridness

luridness meaning in Hindi

luridness sentence in Hindi
1.Ideology is irrelevant, as is the'luridness'of content.

2.Any touches of luridness are reserved for his costumes.

3.The luridness of its theme furthered the controversy.

4.Despite the luridness of the film's setting, director Manuel Gomez Pereira emphasizes humor over erotica.

5.It does to the play what Disney has done to Times Square : diminished the luridness and the allure.

6.It may lack some of the luridness and frankness of the sexual peccadilloes that have afflicted the British royal family in recent years.

7.In " La Femme Nikita, " about a government assassin, the director Luc Besson combined American luridness and Gallic style.

8.The workaday luridness of " All My Children " and " Maury " was simply no match for unfolding reality.

9.With hundreds of channels now, no one has to watch news, and 24-hour cable channels are likely to deliver tabloid luridness.

10.Or is " Showgirls " simply filling its quota for the arbitrary luridness, action and extravagance needed to lure audiences around the globe?

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