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English-Hindi > luridly

luridly meaning in Hindi

luridly sentence in Hindi
1.A devil lighted luridly by a red bulb animates the sidewalk.

2.At his best, King weaves luridly compelling campfire yarns.

3.The paradox is luridly illustrated in the adult video business.

4.And Connick is luridly enjoyable as the sleazy jailbird.

5.It depicts Dyer sitting on a revolving office stool in a luridly coloured room.

6.The report luridly describes sexual encounters and secretive pillow talk in the corridors of power.

7.Each one is as luridly colored as the next, with only their scalloped borders now showing.

8.They have joyfully and sometimes luridly reported every turn in the story, very often on Page One.

9.It's as grisly as a multi-car pileup, and just as luridly fascinating to watch.

10.These directors are on safe territory, even if Scorsese's Manhattan is more luridly dystopic than ever.

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