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macer sentence in Hindi

"macer" meaning in Hindi
  • Macer also wrote a history of Rome, in 16 books.
  • This writer modeled their style after Valerius Antias and Licinius Macer.
  • The Lord President's Mace is borne by the Falkland Macer.
  • He is cited by the jurists Macer and Herennius Modestinus.
  • But prize money isn't what's important, Macer said.
  • Past guests have included : Joe Macer, Bert Atkinson and Rachel Branning.
  • And Macer's handsome, broad-faced portrayal of Robinson radiates wily charisma.
  • But the new emperor looked at Macer with mistrust, fearing another rebellion against himself.
  • John Forsyth was appointed the king's macer in 1538 and later Falkland Pursuivant.
  • Eliza Broad n�e Macer and three sons.
  • Macer also works at a retirement community.
  • He seems to have been trying to counter the Marian historian, C . Licinius Macer.
  • Caesonius Macer was married to Manilia Lucilla, who was related to Tiberius Manilius Fuscus, who was Roman consul twice.
  • Son of Licinius Macer and thus a member of the " Attic model : he characterized Cicero as wordy and artificial.
  • He joined the cast of the long-running BBC soap opera " EastEnders " as Joe Macer in 2005.
  • Sterling Macer Jr .'s rite-of-passage story set at a town picnic, won the Audience Favorite award.
  • Macer was killed in 69, the Year of the Four Emperors, and I " Macriana liberatrix " was disbanded.
  • They had at least one child, Lucius Caesonius Lucillus Macer Rufinianus, who was suffect consul possibly between AD 225 and 230.
  • "' Karlee Macer "'is a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives, representing the 92nd district.
  • Sterling Macer has entered his feature " Park Day, " a rite-of-passage story with darkly spiritual undertones.
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