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machiavellianism sentence in Hindi

"machiavellianism" meaning in Hindi
  • These principles became known as " Machiavellianism ".
  • The dark triad of personality consists of psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism.
  • In studies there was a positive correlation between Machiavellianism and workplace bullying.
  • Machiavellianism predicted involvement in bullying others.
  • :See Machiavellianism, although in this case the lady is using a diferent kind of stilleto.
  • More recent scholarship has disagreed with the characterization of " Arthashastra " as " Machiavellianism ".
  • The presence of Machiavellianism in an organisation has been positively correlated with counterproductive workplace behaviour and workplace deviance.
  • A personality trait directly linked to emotion and empathy where gender differences exist ( see below ) is Machiavellianism.
  • In research, Machiavellianism was positively associated with subordinate perceptions of abusive supervision ( an overlapping concept with workplace bullying ).
  • Oliver James identifies Machiavellianism as one of the dark triadic personality traits in the workplace, the others being narcissism and psychopathy.
  • Sadism joins with subclinical psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism to form the so-called " dark tetrad " of personality.
  • Oliver James identifies narcissism as one of the dark triadic personality traits in the workplace, the others being psychopathy and Machiavellianism.
  • Denis Diderot, the French philosopher, viewed Machiavellianism as " an abhorrent type of politics " and the " art of tyranny ".
  • Psychologist Oliver James identifies the dark triadic personality traits ( psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism ) to be of central significance in understanding office politics.
  • Mayer labeled Weber's philosophy as the " new Machiavellianism of the steel age . " The conception of the Kantian philosophy of value.
  • However, what is ordinarily called " Machiavellianism " is a simplified textbook view of this single work rather than an accurate term for his philosophy.
  • The groups of bullies and bully-victims had a higher Machiavellianism level compared to the groups of victims and persons non-involved in bullying.
  • "Machiavellianism " is a widely used negative term to characterize unscrupulous politicians of the sort Machiavelli described most famously in " The Prince ."
  • High scores are positively associated with measures of impulsivity and aggression, Machiavellianism, persistent criminal behavior, and negatively associated with measures of empathy and affiliation.
  • Machiavellianism has never been referenced in any version of the " Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders " ( DSM ) for psychological disorders.
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