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machos sentence in Hindi

"machos" meaning in Hindi
  • These objects are called MACHOS, for massive compact halo objects.
  • He looked deep inside himself and eventually chose manhood over macho.
  • Forget about all that macho stuff and get them a helmet.
  • And Eric's just the dose of macho Quiz needs.
  • He is macho, and he is talking about family planning.
  • He was a macho type of guy, a tough guy.
  • Her macho husband was financially dependent and officially subservient to her.
  • Hall won the 50 free, the hyper-macho race.
  • "There's nothing macho about him,"
  • There's nothing macho about being mangled in the street.
  • Monday, the Garden announced that Hector " Macho"
  • It is not macho to get a teen-ager pregnant,
  • And it takes something besides macho bravado to work with them.
  • They want to imitate a true macho guy like Clint Eastwood.
  • Her raw emotion destroyed even the most macho crew members present.
  • Just as he had promised, Saturday night was Macho time.
  • Cooking on the grill is very macho ( male perspective ).
  • When Oscar De La Hoya and Hector " Macho"
  • Oscar De La Hoya nearly turned Hector " Macho"
  • Not for Hermann the Herminator, macho man of the moment.
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