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mack sentence in Hindi

"mack" meaning in Hindi
  • Lister said, " and then they work with Mack.
  • Mack acknowledged that race is unquestionably an issue in this case.
  • Mack's big ling cod was the only one landed.
  • It is ordered that John Eugene Mack, of New London,
  • But senior presidential counselor Thomas F . " Mack"
  • Suddenly, the pickup cruises up to Mack's car.
  • Mack is alternately assertive _ " This is important work.
  • Mack, Rollie and Suzie-Q are Jack Russell Terriers.
  • With it has come a change in policing, says Mack.
  • And outsiders are not the only ones ticketed, said Mack.
  • Cochran murmured as he resumed his argument about the Mack truck.
  • Instead, Clinton sent White House Counselor " Mack"
  • In fact, White House Counsel Thomas " Mack"
  • Rod Mack _ 4 _ 4 _ 8.0 _ 0
  • Not surprisingly, Connie Mack of Florida apologized for his excesses.
  • Mack is the biggest seller, according to the Washington Service.
  • Florida Sen . Connie Mack is also expected to endorse Dole.
  • And I'm keeping my John Mack tapes for posterity.
  • Mack blends his conservative votes with a nice-guy image.
  • The meeting became so heated that Mack began to walk out.
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