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macintoshes sentence in Hindi

"macintoshes" meaning in Hindi
  • If you wanted a Macintosh, you bought it from Apple.
  • They can be used by IBM-compatible or Macintosh computers.
  • Macintosh users can get by in the 200-megabyte range.
  • The same disks work on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh machines.
  • It works with both IBM-compatible and Apple Macintosh computers.
  • And Macintosh users get software to switch resolutions on the fly.
  • A version of Doom I for the Macintosh is in development.
  • A version for the Macintosh, PaperPort, is now available.
  • There are versions for Macintosh, Unix and Microsoft Windows computers.
  • HarperCollins Interactive, $ 39.95, Macintosh-Windows.
  • Properly equipped, the Macintosh will plow through any information hailstorm.
  • There's bad news for Power Macintosh users, too.
  • The program is available in versions for Windows or Macintosh computers.
  • A version for the Apple Macintosh is planned for next year.
  • The mail-order company also buys and sells used Macintoshes.
  • It makes you the butt of jokes from the Macintosh people.
  • I found that some places were phasing out their Macintosh offerings.
  • Some of the following information also applies to the Apple Macintosh.
  • Motorola's PowerPC chip has changed the Macintosh landscape dramatically.
  • We believe the Macintosh platform has momentum and is gaining it.
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