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mackintoshes sentence in Hindi

"mackintoshes" meaning in Hindimackintoshes in a sentence
  • Mackintosh shared an imaginative collaboration with his wife, Margaret Macdonald.
  • Mackintosh came of artistic age in a time ripe for change.
  • Mackintosh said about Mendes, comparing him to Nunn as well.
  • Cameron ( " Les Miserables " ) Mackintosh produces.
  • Mackintosh, the man behind " Les Miserables,"
  • In the best musical tradition, Mackintosh concentrated on the positive.
  • Be prepared for day-long showers bybringing along a mackintosh.
  • Mackintosh lived most of his life in the city of Glasgow.
  • In 2004, Dave Mackintosh left the band and joined DragonForce.
  • James Mackintosh wrote that Price was attempting to revive moral obligation.
  • Cameron Mackintosh said : " Corners haven't been cut.
  • Foot was married to Eva Mackintosh, daughter of Angus Mackintosh.
  • Foot was married to Eva Mackintosh, daughter of Angus Mackintosh.
  • Frances went on to marry MacNair, and Margaret married Mackintosh.
  • The song also appears in the Cameron Mackintosh musical stage production.
  • Mackintosh pleaded guilty to 27 charges, and is awaiting sentence.
  • MacKintosh served in the assembly until he was defeated in 1850.
  • Mackintosh holds Alex in contempt but views her as a threat.
  • He assumed the additional surname of Mackintosh by royal licence 1857.
  • Mackintosh's letter of marque was dated 7 February 1797.
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