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manumit sentence in Hindi

"manumit" meaning in Hindimanumit in a sentence
  • Methodists and Quakers especially worked to convince slaveholders to manumit slaves.
  • Although supporting abolition, Morton fails to manumit Althesa and their daughters.
  • In addition, they encouraged slaveholders to manumit their slaves.
  • At least 23 Jewish refugee children attended Manumit.
  • After marrying, he chose to manumit the slaves he had inherited by marriage.
  • In 2008, Murray released his first album entitled " Manumit ".
  • Hooker briefly took " ownership " of Pennington in order to manumit him in the US.
  • Pringle tried to arrange to have Wood manumit Prince, so she would have legal freedom.
  • In 1948, Kahn was sent to the progressive Manumit boarding school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Methodist, Quaker and Baptist preachers traveled in the South, appealing to slaveholders to manumit their slaves.
  • He attended Manumit School, a Christian socialist boarding school in expelled from several other schools for bad behavior.
  • In 1829 Wood refused either to manumit Mary Prince or allow her to be purchased out of his control.
  • Napoleon refused to manumit the Russian serfs because of concerns this might provoke a reaction in his army's rear.
  • Numerous Methodist missionaries toured the South in the " Great Awakening " and tried to convince slaveholders to manumit their slaves.
  • South Carolina had laws making it difficult for an individual to manumit slaves, even their own children born into slavery.
  • In 1808 many North Carolinians were using trusts as a way to manumit slaves without breaking North Carolina s restrictive laws.
  • The slave says, " thou shall not manumit me, for I have no handicraft whereby to gain my living ."
  • To this end, he refused to manumit his slave woman, even though it cost him his membership in the Quaker meeting.
  • He taught at Manumit, a progressive boarding school, in 1943 and 1944 and was let go for " homosexual behavior ".
  • A person under the age of twenty could only manumit a slave if he went through the ordinary legal proceeding ( consilium ).
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