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manured sentence in Hindi

"manured" meaning in Hindimanured in a sentence
  • But critics argue that cropland cannot absorb such volumes of manure.
  • The rashes were traced to exposure to manure in the mud.
  • But nine manure spills in recent months have sharpened the debate.
  • Bright red blood smears with dust and manure on the ground.
  • The early line favorite is " Manure Menagerie ."
  • Sadly, we accept manure as a necessary ingredient in politics.
  • But conventional feeding practices produce manure loaded with nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Turn over the dirt, till, hoe, add manure.
  • She said she has manure from a lot of great horses,
  • Hog Ties : Pigs, Manure and Mortality in American Culture.
  • Even as one supporter called it " manure,"
  • Gardeners must find their own way to get the manure home.
  • The manure from those horses is worth more than our horses.
  • Is the neighborhood rife with large dogs creating a manure problem?
  • Are they off to greener pastures _ or just shoveling manure?
  • Cow manure was burned around rural houses to ward off mosquitoes.
  • He said he allowed PayGro to store manure on the slab.
  • "Practically speaking, there are few restrictions governing manure stockpiles.
  • Fertilize with manures or timed-release products with minor elements.
  • It's raining manure .---- --
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