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English-Hindi > mentale

mentale meaning in Hindi

mentale sentence in Hindi
1.De l'activit?perceptive ?la repr�sentation mentale de l'oeuvre musicale.

2.In 1819 he was appointed to the first chair of " m�decine mentale ".

3.Jacques-Joseph Moreau published his study " Du Hachisch et de l'ali�nation mentale " in 1845.

4.But la rentree mentale, the crucial behavioral adjustment that takes place at this time every year, has already happened.

5.In 1887, as part of this series, Royer gave two lectures entitled " L �volution mentale dans la s�rie organique ".

6.In his book " Trait?m�dico-philosophique sur l'ali�nation mentale; ou la manie ", published in 1801, Pinel discusses his psychologically oriented approach.

7.Ballet is remembered for his 1903 publication of " Trait?de pathologie mentale ", which remained a principal reference book on psychiatry for nearly fifty years in France.

8.Voelpel's latest publication of the book " Mentale, emotionale und k�rperliche Fitness " reveals his studies on the well-being and self-efficacy of individuals.

9.Completed in 1488, " Treatise on the Mental Sufferings of Jesus Christ our Lord " ( I dolori mentale di Gesu nella sua passione ), is considered a masterpiece.

10.CODE-FILM-REVIEW ( Undated ) _ " The Code ( La Mentale ) " : Manuel Boursinhac, director; with Samy Naceri, Samuel Le Bihan, Clotilde Courau.

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