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English-Hindi > mentalism

mentalism meaning in Hindi

mentalism sentence in Hindi
1.Magicians who perform mentalism debate among themselves about using a disclaimer.

2.This book is considered a classic in the field of mentalism.

3.The effect has been acknowledged as one of the classics of mentalism.

4.He contributed a great amount of material to the field of mentalism.

5.The Dunninger Memorial Award for Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism.

6.In particular, Amthor and Johnston worked to create the realm of Mentalism

7.In linguistic terms, Mentalism represents rationalistic philosophy ( as opposed to Behaviouristic ).

8.She used the word " mentalism " also in a book chapter in 1975.

9.Micromentalism is mentalism performed in an intimate session.

10.The book is now considered by most Magicians to be a classical text on mentalism.

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(philosophy) a doctrine that mind is the true reality and that objects exist only as aspects of the mind''s awareness

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