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English-Hindi > mentalist

mentalist meaning in Hindi

mentalist sentence in Hindi
1.However, the mentalist Joseph Dunninger gave a more logical explanation.

2.He currently performs as a mentalist and formerly as a magician.

3.The kidnappers are nightclub magician Manderville and his mentalist partner Rebecca.

4.Uri Geller, the mentalist, is a common target for debunking.

5.He has been a professional mentalist for over 20 years.

6.They are replaced by Florian Gazan, taking the role of mentalist.

7.They have one son, Sam Eaton, who is a mentalist.

8.Scott Xavier March 12, 1980 is a well-known professional mentalist.

9.:The Mentalist has a connection with talk shows.

10.Marion was born in magic and became a talented mentalist performing throughout Europe.

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