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English-Hindi > mentalis muscle

mentalis muscle meaning in Hindi

mentalis muscle sentence in Hindi

अधर उन्नमनिका पेशी
mentalis    अधरउन्नमनिका
muscle    ताकत पुट्ठा
1.This may be relevant to speech, as the mentalis muscle contributes to moving the lower lip and is used to articulate a bilabial click.

2.The condition responds very well to regular botulinus toxin injections into the mentalis muscle which paralyse the muscle but cause no impairment of facial expression or speech.

3.In conjunction with orbicularis contraction, the mentalis muscle allows the lips to " pout . " Externally, mentalis contraction causes wrinkling of the chin skin, as used in expressions of doubt or displeasure.

4.The biggest risk in these procedures is damage to the mental nerve that runs through the chin and jaw; other risks include damage to tooth roots, infection, nonunion, damage to the mentalis muscle that controls the lower lip and is at the edges of the chin.

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