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mentalism sentence in Hindi

"mentalism" meaning in Hindi
  • Magicians who perform mentalism debate among themselves about using a disclaimer.
  • This book is considered a classic in the field of mentalism.
  • The effect has been acknowledged as one of the classics of mentalism.
  • He contributed a great amount of material to the field of mentalism.
  • The Dunninger Memorial Award for Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism.
  • In particular, Amthor and Johnston worked to create the realm of Mentalism
  • In linguistic terms, Mentalism represents rationalistic philosophy ( as opposed to Behaviouristic ).
  • She used the word " mentalism " also in a book chapter in 1975.
  • Micromentalism is mentalism performed in an intimate session.
  • The book is now considered by most Magicians to be a classical text on mentalism.
  • He has also published magic history, magic tricks, and mentalism effects in magazines.
  • This shows just how much Cameron is regarded within the brotherhood of Bizarre Magic and mentalism.
  • Jerry Fodor and Noam Chomsky have been two of mentalism's most ardent recent defenders.
  • Inevitably, this form of mentalism involves examples of telekinesis, ESP, precognition and telepathy.
  • From his boyhood days, Osterlind has performed magic and mentalism, sometimes referred to as mindreading.
  • To this day, he sometimes performs a stage hypnotism show after one of his mentalism shows.
  • Mentalism may be enshrined in clinical terminology in subtle ways, including in the basic ICD ).
  • He has written over twenty books on the subject of mentalism and in particular psychological mind reading.
  • He was the first to take the " question and answer " mentalism act to the stage.
  • In 2011 Corinda's Thirteen Steps to Mentalism was republished in the Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists.
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