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English-Hindi > mindlessness

mindlessness meaning in Hindi

mindlessness sentence in Hindi
1.The rapacious Ravens defense had already beaten the Giants into mindlessness.

2.Yes, there are minds behind television's mindlessness.

3.I don't miss watching TV . I miss the mindlessness.

4.The opposite of mindfulness is mindlessness _ an autopilot life,

5.This mindlessness is connected to the context in which Brooks was writing.

6."It was an undertaking of the heart and mindlessness, " Kamen said.

7.You just go to this Zen place of mindlessness where you turn off your brain.

8."Swordfish's " mindlessness is so blatant it's hilarious.

9.This is shown by Krishna's presence amid the mindlessness of fellow human beings.

10.Unfortunately, amid the crash-boom-bang mindlessness of " Swordfish,"

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the trait of acting rashly and without prudence
Synonyms: heedlessness, rashness,

total lack of meaning or ideas
Synonyms: inanity, senselessness, vacuity, pointlessness,

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