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English-Hindi > senselessness

senselessness meaning in Hindi

senselessness sentence in Hindi
1.It is the senselessness of these accidents that make them inexcusable.

2.We, too, are stricken by the senselessness of it.

3.Madness herself sees the irrationality and senselessness in Hera s vengeance.

4.The senselessness of it all bored me after a first few quarters.

5.She begins talking to Gwynivere about her worries and her own senselessness.

6.And it emphasizes the senselessness of the bigotry that divided the two sides.

7.The city slickers take home big salaries pretending to make sense of senselessness.

8.There are some fetching interludes, although they're surrounded by senselessness.

9.For sheer senselessness, the death was numbing.

10.Ah, but that's too much tawdry discussion of dollars and senselessness.

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total lack of meaning or ideas
Synonyms: inanity, mindlessness, vacuity, pointlessness,

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