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English-Hindi > miserlinesses

miserlinesses meaning in Hindi

miserlinesses sentence in Hindi
1.More than the miserliness that it implies, it also means creativity.

2.Admittedly, I was stewing in my own spiritual miserliness.

3.Common-sense saving is normal; miserliness is not.

4.Another example would be Jack Benny's supposed miserliness.

5.That's why DIIGing is not mere miserliness.

6.His enemies exaggerated his faults; e . g . his supposed miserliness.

7.As he aged, his modesty developed into miserliness.

8.Hence ` to practise economy'was synonymous with ` miserliness . "'

9.It comes down to Mike Ilitch's millions and John McMullen's miserliness.

10.White Sox club owner Charles Comiskey was widely disliked by the players and was resented for his miserliness.

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