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moorage sentence in Hindi

"moorage" meaning in Hindimoorage in a sentence
  • Many older wooden sailboats can be swinging at permanent moorage at the park.
  • They generally do not sail more than from their " home " moorage.
  • Docking and moorage fees only apply after 6pm.
  • A public access float provides free moorage for up to four hours for visitors.
  • There are 52 guest moorage slips available.
  • There are 44 guest moorage slips available.
  • Three moorage buoys are available for boaters.
  • Transient moorage is in front of the clubhouse or as directed by the moorage manager.
  • Transient moorage is in front of the clubhouse or as directed by the moorage manager.
  • Private moorage is available at Montague Harbour Marina and the Galiano Oceanfront Inn ( Sturdies Bay)
  • The Port of Seattle, for example, donated moorage for the ship's stay here.
  • The documentary centers on the conflict between the moorage needs of the fishing fleet and pleasure boaters.
  • Opposition leader Moorage Tsvangirai was arrested at his home in Harare early Monday but he was later released.
  • His tall house had scrolled dormers and fluted chimneys, which ships seeking New York moorage sought out as landmarks.
  • The marina was built in 1974 and expanded its guest moorage in 1988 with the installation of the floating breakwater.
  • It is not on any of the ferry routes and there is no jetty or other dedicated facilities for moorage.
  • "' Pleasant Harbor State Park "'is a moorage facility only, with no other services.
  • The natural areas include Butterfly Park and Willamette Park as well as the moorage park and other public land parcels.
  • Recent luxury resort development on the island includes a golf course, yacht moorage, seaplane ramp, and an airstrip.
  • The park, which is operated by the Linn County Parks Department, also offers a boat ramp and boat moorage.
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