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mooring buoy sentence in Hindi

"mooring buoy" meaning in Hindimooring buoy in a sentence
  • A descent line is always rigged to mooring buoys on the wreck.
  • Plastic mooring buoys and plastic bottles are plentiful on the beaches of Palmyra.
  • From mooring buoy to mooring buoy, the flight takes 31 hours 51 min.
  • Currently Ipswich Harbor is sprinkled with mooring buoys securely fastened to the bottom.
  • From mooring buoy to mooring buoy, the flight takes 31 hours 51 min.
  • While many mooring buoys are privately owned, some are available for public use.
  • The harbor is full of mooring buoys for small yachts during the summer season.
  • Five mooring buoys are found on the island's northern flank.
  • At the restoration site, mooring buoys have been reinstalled for boaters to tie up.
  • Vessels wishing to moor in the research natural area must use designated mooring buoys or docks.
  • There are 21 mooring buoys, and dock space is available to boaters on the government dock.
  • He was lured onto a massive mooring buoy and a steel door clanged shut behind him.
  • Eight mooring buoys are available for boaters.
  • The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary also operates a mooring buoy maintenance vessel named the Rachel Carson.
  • The following morning, she and her division mates entered the port itself and tied up to mooring buoys.
  • Mooring buoys would be set up around ships to help divers locate the wrecks and boaters avoid them.
  • It was then taken to Old Woman's Bay, Unalaska Island, where it was moored to Icicle Seafoods mooring buoy.
  • Negative consequences can include altered water circulation and altered Mooring causes damage which can be reduced by using mooring buoys.
  • Going for the seaplanes first, the " Claudes " made short work of the Catalinas riding at their mooring buoys.
  • Ships up to 300, 000 tdwt can berth at the Bitor Single Point Mooring buoy ( SPM, 10?9'N / 64?0'W ).
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