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nabu sentence in Hindi

"nabu" meaning in Hindinabu in a sentence
  • In Babylonian astrology, Nabu was identified with the planet Mercury.
  • In Hellenistic times, Nabu was identified with the Greek god Apollo.
  • Aisha meets a wizard, Nabu, with whom she falls in love.
  • Nabu casts a spell translating the strange language of the female space traveler.
  • Elahbel was known from an inscription at the Temple of Nabu in Palmyra.
  • A major effort to introduce Telidon in a public setting was the NABU Network.
  • Meanwhile, Chloe sends Nabu back on and transforms into " Doctor Fate ".
  • When Hector met with Nabu, he was confronted with his'destiny '.
  • Nebuchadnezzar declared that Nabu's tower would reach the skies, another inscription states.
  • The Nabu Network can be credited as being the first online version of fantasy baseball.
  • The ancient name of the mountain was Mount Nebo, after the Mesopotamian god Nabu.
  • The head of NABU's Wallnau Waterbird Reserve since March 2008 has been Malte Siegert.
  • Due to his role as an oracle, Nabu was associated with the Mesopotamian moon god Sin.
  • At this time his membership in the Federal Committee Mycology of the Naturschutzbund Deutschland ( NABU ).
  • Finally, a number of organizations such as UNDP Kazakhstan, NABU and TRAFFIC attended the meeting.
  • The Temple of Nabu and the Roman theater were built on the colonnade's southern side.
  • Nabu wore a horned cap, and stood with his hands clasped in the ancient gesture of priesthood.
  • Stela of the Assyrian king Shamshi-Adad V from the temple of Nabu at Nimrud, Mesopotamia.
  • While the Rock is being restored, Nabu, the last Lord of Order, confronts the Spectre.
  • In the Babylonian period, she was replaced by the god Nabu, who took over her functions.
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