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nab sentence in Hindi

"nab" meaning in Hindinab in a sentence
  • The British know that the Gestapo is about to nab Casson.
  • Dutch stocks ( NI NAS ) Dutch bonds ( NI NAB)
  • Richard Gere is an IRA soldier who helps nab the Jackal.
  • Starring Kevin Costnerong enough overall to nab her another Oscar nomination.
  • NAB announced earlier this month it had won the Malaysia license.
  • Passers-by nab hold-up suspect, three others escape
  • Enhancing efforts to nab polluters, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  • Xfdws SALANGOR-GOVT-TO-NAB sked Emerging Markets Datafile
  • NAB site : http : / / www . nab . org
  • NAB site : http : / / www . nab . org
  • NAB's chief executive Frank Cicutto said in a statement.
  • Geelong beat Adelaide to claim the pre-season NAB Cup.
  • Wiltse made a good stop and threw home to nab Strunk.
  • Other machines used NAB or custom reels in the larger width.
  • Each pupil will sit the NAB after completing a particular unit.
  • To the south west is a hill known as Healey Nab.
  • Former NAB chief financial officer Craig Drummond was offered the role.
  • The study CA046 compares gemcitabine with gemcitabine plus nab-paclitaxel.
  • There was a substantial Iron Age hill fort at Eston Nab.
  • Outside of rugby, he works for NAB in corporate agribusiness.
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