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English-Hindi > naivest

naivest meaning in Hindi

naivest sentence in Hindi
• भोला
• भोला-भाला
• सदा
• सरल
• सरलमति
• सीधा
• सीधा-सादा
• निष्कपट
1.Only the technically naive or the historically inclined demand paper anymore.

2."We're not naive to that ."

3.David is naive, but he's not that naive.

4.David is naive, but he's not that naive.

5.I'd be naive not to admit that ."

6.The White House staff that launched Clinton was amateurish and naive.

7.The English are stilted and lofty or stilted and pitifully naive.

8.I thought justice would prevail, but how naive I was.

9.And she's so . . . naive ."

10.Naive as it may sound to some, hospitals have morals.

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