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English-Hindi > naivetes

naivetes meaning in Hindi

naivetes sentence in Hindi
1.Streep is not exaggerating the naivete she brought into the project.

2.Arbitrarily, the attack demonstrated our collective naivete and individual defenselessness.

3.Trope said such naivete is not unusual for young art students.

4.The real virtues of LAPD are gullibility, obliviousness and naivete.

5.And they also appreciated what they felt was a certain naivete.

6.As we've seen, many paid for their naivete.

7.This naivete on the floors of great restaurants leaves some wary.

8.They often have a very childlike mind, with some naivete.

9.They were, in their naivete, their own worst enemies.

10.But at a certain point, naivete isn't enough.

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